Piaf.io is a fantastic .io game where you have to control the bird Piaf and try to eliminate other birds from the sky with the help of a ball. The orb actively rotates around your body like a planet around the sun, and you can collect more of them by eating food scattered around the map. Your bird automatically flies downwards - you can only control upward movement using the left or right arrow keys. When moving around the map, do not touch the red outer space and keep Piaf flying. You can eliminate other Piafs by hitting them with the spinning orb, and you can also use the space bar to give your Piaf a speed boost. But be careful, because when you use the speed booster, your ball will decrease in size. As you collect more food, your Piaf increases. Can you conquer the sky and dominate the giant Piaf? Piaf.io is developed by Arrada Studios.
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