Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower
Game Pizza Tower it was launched on January 26, 2023. It was positively received by critics, who praised the gameplay, aesthetics, music, humor and similarities to the Wario Land series.

The story of this platform game begins when Peppa Spaghetti, a pizza chef and owner of a pizzeria in trouble, is approached by Pizzaface. Pizzaface threatens to destroy Peppa's pizzeria with a nuclear laser atop a nearby tower. Scared and angry, Peppino sets out to climb the tower and defeat Pizzaface to save his pizzeria. The tower has five floors, each containing four levels and a boss. Each level has a different theme and unique game mechanics.

Each level contains different secrets: pizza topping creatures that the player rescues to unlock boss fights; treasure locked behind a door that can only be opened by a janitor that the player must find; and three hidden rooms that give points. At the end of most levels, the player finds a pillar to destroy. This activates the "Pizza Time", a stage where the player must return to the level entrance within a certain time limit to avoid being captured by Pizzaface. The player is forced to restart the level if they fail. After completing each level, the player is given a letter grade based on their score and performance .

Pizza Tower no traditional difficulty level; on the contrary, the difficulty depends on what the player wants to achieve. There is no life and health. Colliding with an obstacle does not injure Peppin, although it reduces the player's score and takes two seconds off the combined time. The only stages where Peppino can be injured are boss fights, arena battles against enemies such as Vigilante, Noise... The player must avoid boss attacks to preserve his health and continue the game.
Control guide
- Press Z to select and start the game
- Arrow keys – Scroll/Ladder
- X - Charge
- Z - Jump
- Up + Z – jump up
- Down as you fall – Free fall
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