Police in Lego City

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Police in Lego City
In the game "Police in Lego City" you will become a real bounty hunter. Your hero will be a policeman who keeps a watchful eye on the peace of Lego City. He has a real nose for criminals, and the brave policeman feels the appearance of bandits in the city almost with his skin. This helps him to actively fight crime in Lego City and minimizes the possible consequences of crime. Are you ready to take on the role of a police officer? Then get to work!

To start patrolling, get into a police car and drive around the city, waiting for the task. As soon as the icon in the left corner of the game turns red, you need to open it and get a task from Captain Bennet. An arrow will immediately appear on the screen for you to follow. It will lead you to the evidence or directly to the criminals themselves. Try not to miss a single bandit and put each of them behind bars, where criminals belong. Enjoy the game and good luck!
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