Impostor Among Us vs Crewmate

Impostor Among Us vs Crewmate
A viral game about a killer alien pretending to be a spaceship crew member was sensational. However, one of its most entertaining aspects is often overlooked. Briefly sneaking up behind unsuspecting space travelers and killing them mercilessly is ridiculously fun. New game Impostor Among Us vs Crewmate he allows it all the time. It takes the signature gameplay and style of the original and creates something new. Complete a series of unique missions and kill everything that moves. Don't get caught or your true identity will be revealed. Clear each stage and perfect your deception skills.

The art of murder

This title combines action and puzzle elements. The game takes place in real time, and the player can attack targets at will. However, if you do it without thinking, it usually results in failure. As soon as the crew members notice something suspicious, they sound the alarm. Here's how to avoid it:

Wait for the staff to wander off and focus on your maintenance tasks
Find a secluded place to avoid contact with witnesses
Sneak up from behind and strike when no one is looking

Follow these 3 steps and win every time. Note that each stage has a different schedule. Study it before making hasty decisions and use it to your advantage.

How to play Impostor Among Us vs Crewmate

The controls are different from the original version, but they are just as intuitive and comfortable. On mobile, tap and hold your finger on the screen to walk. On the desktop, click and drag the left mouse button to mimic a joystick. When you approach an NPC, a sword icon appears above his head. Press it to kill the target. Earn money and spend it on new accessories and weapon skins. Have fun becoming the most dangerous maniac in the galaxy!
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