Original Classic Solitaire

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The original Classic Solitaire
Relive the original solitaire experience with The original Classic Solitaire! Let the game do the work with an innovative, player-friendly user interface, while you choose modes, languages ​​and other features! Create your dream solitaire games, choose from draw options and track your scores and other stats!

This version combines classic solitaire gameplay with digital gaming technology and offers the player a simple experience while the game remains challenging! You can choose how many cards will be drawn throughout the game, defining the overall difficulty of the game. There are also options for language, background, face and back of the card to add some style to the game! As you progress through solitaire games, the game tracks your score, playing time, and steps to add to your stats later. That's right, you can check your stats whenever you want! Go to the main menu and click the stats option at the top to see your playtime, scores, win/loss rates and more! If you are new to the game, you can read the instructions in the main menu and start with the "Draw 1" option, as it would be easier to start with. Keep playing to become the solitaire champion and complete the matches in the shortest possible time!
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