Save the Monsters

Save the Monsters
Save the Monsters is a great Halloween themed game where you have to use your bow and arrow to free the monsters from the noose. This game features cool spooky graphics and music and exciting gameplay. During each level you have to use the bow and arrow to shoot in a way to hit the rope that holds the monsters in place. Click and hold to make a dash and move the mouse to aim and increase your power. The first levels start off easy with just one objective, but as you progress you'll have to unleash more monsters. Be careful not to accidentally shoot an arrow at the monsters, as they only have a limited amount of health. To get a perfect score, you have to release all the monsters in the level without hitting them and as fast as possible. With 21 different levels, this game has great replayability, so step in and save the monsters today! Save the Monsters is developed by Qky Games, which has also developed many HTML5 games, including Save the Cowboy.
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