Šnaps ONLINE – protiv računala

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Schnapps ONLINE – against the computer
Play a card game Schnapps against the computer. Schnapps is a card game played with 20 cards. Each player receives five cards, and the other cards remain in the coupon. One card is revealed and placed vertically in relation to the face. This card is also a trump card. If one of the players at the beginning of the game possesses or during the game gets a boy in a trump, he can exchange it for an exposed trump, but only at the moment when it is his turn. It is not possible to exchange this ticket when there is only one ticket left in the coupon.

Schnapps - the course of the game

The player who opened the game is the first to move. The opponent then plays any card that was played and thereby takes or loses the trick. The player who takes the trick is the first to take a card from the deck, and is also the first to play the card. The rule of taking a trick, respecting suit and trump is valid only when all cards from the coupon have been used. This means:

Player 2 must, if possible, play the same color as Player 1.
Player 2 must, if possible, throw a stronger card than player 1 and thereby take the trick.
Player 2 must, if he does not have the required suit, take the trump card (if he has one).
These rules also come into force if one of the players has closed. Only the player who is on the turn can close.

Which card carries the flair?

Trump always carries flair.
As a rule, the trick is always the stronger card. This also applies when dealing with trumps.
Tips can only be taken with the same suit (except trumps).
If two cards of different suits are played, the suit is carried by the first card played (unless trump is dealt).

Vocation in schnapps

A player holding a queen and a king of the same suit and who is on the turn can call 20 or 40 (trump). Then he plays a queen or a king.

Scoring in schnapps

The winner of the round is the first player to score 66 points or take the last trick. The game can also be successfully ended by calling 20 or 40, without playing a card, if the required 66 points are reached by calling. The current status (sum of points taken and title) can be seen on the right side of the table. The winner of the game is the player who first reaches 7 with 9 or 0 (depending on the choice) points. In each deal, the player has the opportunity to go for some value (from 1 to 3) depending on the value in the cards that both players have.

Ticket values ​​are as follows:

Ace = 11 points
Ten = 10 points
King = 4 points
Queen = 3 points
Boy = 2 points

How many points the winner of the round can write depends on the sum of the opponent's points. In order to establish the sum of points, the points of his tricks are added up.
If the opponent does not have a single trick (ie the value of his cards is 0) then the player "goes for 3".
If the opponent's cards have a value from 0 to 32, then the player "goes for 2".
If the opponent has a sword (ie a value of 33) or more the player only goes for 1.


The closing player must score at least 66 points to win the shuffle. The amount of his victory depends on the number of the opponent's points at the time of closing, and corresponds to the usual scoring (3 for 0 points, 2 points for up to 32 points, otherwise 1 point). If he does not reach 66 points, the other player wins and receives the points that were intended for the player who closed.
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