SUPREM.IO – Battle Arena Game

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SUPREM.IO – Battle Arena Game
Welcome to SUPREM.IO, a new online battle arena with dozens of weapons and stunning, fast-paced gameplay.

Basic strategy
Your first priority in each match is to acquire weapons. If you find yourself having trouble with this, you should take the wall breaker ability, as it allows you to deal a lot of damage with your punch. If your opponent(s) already have a weapon, you should make sure they don't hit you. Moving backwards is the obvious answer, but it can put you up against a wall. Try to jump the opponent instead. Other forms of escape use other Impel or Upsurge abilities. Also note that most weapons can't hurt you if you're standing very close to your opponent, so if you can, get inside and start hitting.

There are currently 16 maps: Battlefun, Tubular, Pillars, Skirmish, Showdown, Sentience, Topple, Divide, Detonate, Serpent, Cube, Cosmic, Puncture, Tunnel, Rift, Vertigo.
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