Clash of Warlord Orcs

Clash of Warlord Orcs
In today's game, you have to choose the appropriate cards. Different orcs will fight for you and your task is to find the right strategy to disable the enemy. It is necessary to find a strategy that will prevent further enemy passage. The game has very simple controls. Try to find your way. Defend your own castle using magic and defensive orcs. You have three minutes to try to destroy your opponent and win the fight. This is a strategy tower game where you have to use a card system to summon different units - you can upgrade these units and customize your battle deck so you can summon different types of units. You can try to destroy all three towers, but you've already won every battle if you simply cause more destruction than your opponent. The controls are simple and the gameplay is fun and strategic. Can you dominate the orcs?

Game features
Strategic battle
Two battle lanes
A card system for summoning your units
Customizable battleground
Smooth controls

Release date
The game was initially released in March 2018, only to be updated in December 2018.
Use your finger or mouse to play the cards
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