Guerrillas IO

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Guerrillas IO
You are a designated member of an elite team and have been called into battle. Your weapons are ready and your equipment is prepared. All your team needs is you. Guerrillas etc is a multiplayer fighting game that you can play online. The game cards are inspired by Counter-Strike, the most famous video game, and they might look familiar to you! Time is running out. If you're ready, let's get started!

How to play Guerrillas io?

Guerrillas etc offers you an online fighting environment. You participate in the game by joining one of the available rooms or by creating a new room in the online option. On the left side of the menu screen you will see a box called "Rooms". Here you can see available rooms or open a new one.

By creating a new room, you can choose how many players can join the battle, game mode, travel time, objective, robots and map. It all depends on your vision! Also, from the menu you can view and customize your equipment by entering the "Armoury" section, get power-ups from the "Perks" section, or decide what to give as a death message from the "Kill Message".

Game modes

Before we start, we need to choose a game mode. The game modes are as follows:

Team Deathmatch: Players are divided into 2 teams where they fight against each other.
free for all: In this game mode, all players are alone. Create your own survival strategy.
Capture the Flag: This is a team work game again. You have to take the flag from the enemy base and return it to its place.
Gun Game: This game mode is a mode that allows you to unlock new weapons. You start with the simplest weapon and proceed by upgrading the weapon.
Arcade Doom: You are invincible in Arcade Doom, because you can own weapons and grenade launchers.


Guerrillas etc gives you the ability to customize your weapon. You can view your weapons by clicking on the "Armoury" section of the menu. Choose the weapon you want to customize and start powering it up. Here you can buy new weapons and change the appearance and scope of existing weapons. You can also get a muffler if you want.
Use WASD or arrow keys to move
Use the left mouse button to fire
Use the right mouse button to aim
Use the Space key to jump
Use the Q key to slide while running
Use the left Shift key to run
Use 1, 2, 3 to change weapons
Use E or F to interact/pick up weapons
Use the G key to throw available grenades
Use the H key to use the available medical kit
Use the T key to talk
Use the L key to toggle cursor lock
Use the C key to crouch
Use ESC to pause
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