IZOWAVE – Build and Defense

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IZOWAVE – Build and Defense
IZOWAVE - Build and Defense is an action game where your goal is to survive waves of enemies in an open world. With each wave, the number of enemies and the difficulty increase. Strategically build walls to defend, construct towers to attack, place generators for resources, collect ammo to refill towers and recruit medics to restore your health. Upgrade the skills of your character and helper to increase your chances of survival. How long can you withstand the relentless onslaught?

Nikita Galadiy made this game.
WASD = move
Left click = build / interact with in-game buttons
Right click = cancel current building
U = upgrade of active building
R = Reloading active ammo turret
Backspace = destroy active building
N = remaining wave skipping time
- + = decrease/enlarge
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