Soldier Legend by FreezeNova

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Soldier Legend by FreezeNova
Soldier Legend is a shooting game where you have a trained soldier equipped with weapons. The task is to eliminate all the green monsters that come organized in waves. These enemy forces will try to attack and kill you. The battle is intense with each wave, so you need to prepare for action.

You will see creatures coming towards your towers. Protect your region and quickly shoot the aliens before it's too late. From time to time, UFOs will appear and attack you with bombs from the sky. This means that you have to be careful and pay attention to all sides. When you destroy enemies, you will be able to collect coins from them. You can save them to unlock new powerful weapons and upgrade towers. Invest in your territory and become invincible to your enemies.

Weapons and turrets

Playing and completing 30 levels will always be challenging. With each level the aliens become more powerful. The following weapons will be available for purchase in the shop section:

  • AK-47 (100 coins)
  • Uzi (250 coins)
  • Shotgun (350 coins)
  • Laser Gun (500 coins)
  • Launcher (750 coins)
  • Bazooka (1000 coins)
  • Gatling (1250 coins)

The weapon will have 18 pieces of ammunition. When it's time to reload, you only have to wait a few seconds to reach number 18 again. You can take care of the soldiers' health and get away from the aliens. Do not let them attack you and endanger your health.

Towers must have enough power for a possible strong attack. That way you can upgrade your recovery Mana Tower and rate of fire Robo-Factory. Robo-Factory will help you produce more robots to join you in battles.
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