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warscrap is another awesome io game, where you will become a hero together with other players. You are a soldier who has been sent to an abandoned and remote place somewhere in Mexico. It is claimed that an unknown ship has docked here and that there is a hostile life form. When you get there, all the government's concerns are confirmed. The area is occupied by aliens who are trying to destroy the base built in this place. Team up with other players to conquer this menace. Kill aliens, collect cores, live, buy weapons and drive a car. Kill the bosses together with other players. This is a world full of wars, the only way you can survive is to join a common team, where there will be many soldiers from all over the world and kill your enemies by cooperating. It is cruel to all of us, but you must be brave because you are one of those who can save the world. Grab your gun and shoot others, use different powerful weapons to win the war. Stay alive to see your friends and family.
WASD to move
L to lock / unlock the mouse
Jump space
Right click to switch weapons
Left click to attack
E to open the shop menu
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