SCAR – multiplayer battle royale game

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SCAR – multiplayer battle royale game
Can you be the last person standing in the epic SCAR game? SCAR is an epic multiplayer battle royale game that has similarities to the hugely popular PUBG. In this game, you explore an open landscape and must pick up weapons and items to survive against other players.

You can also jump into vehicles to move around the map faster. Always pay attention to your surroundings, as enemies can be anywhere. Can you be the last man standing and dominate the SCAR?

What to expect from this ultimate multiplayer game
SCAR is one of the best free online third-person shooters. The graphics are brilliant and the Battle Royale gameplay is intense but fun. Once you get used to the controls, you'll start picking enemies and improving your skills.

There are countless classes to choose from - each class can use different weapons and has a specific set of skills. Use a class that you enjoy, but are also efficient with.

Try this awesome third person game today and see if you can dominate the Battle Royale arena!

A third-person multiplayer shooter
Different classes with a unique set of weapons
Two game modes
Lots of vehicles to drive
*WASD* or *arrow keys* = Scroll or drive
*mouse* = Move character/vehicle camera
*CapsLock* = Walk/Run
*shift* = Sprint
*space* = Roll
** or *scroll* = Change weapon
*g* = Get item
*f* = Fight
*r* = Reload
*e* = Action button
*card* = Show traffic light
*t* = mockery
*v* = visual
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