A dark and cold night rests on the forest where you live. Evil creatures spawn and try to haunt you. The weather conditions are getting worse and worse, it's so cold that you won't survive another day if you don't find a fireplace. Hunger also occurs. Collect some food, otherwise you will die from lack of food. Can you survive the bitter cold night and any other threats? Good luck in this new .io game!

The game has many similarities with Minecraft and uses many similar game mechanics. The crafting possibilities are endless - try out different combinations of materials to see what items you can make. Craft different tools so you can start complex processes like mining. Besides crafting, it's important to collect food. Players can plant food like wheat and melon and grow their own food supply. Players can also hunt animals like cows, deer and sheep. Raw meat can be cooked using fire and eaten to restore health.

Always use the mini map to view the country and find important places. Also, be careful if you seek shelter during the night. At night, various monsters come out and attack the players. Without firelight (like torches) or weapons, players will be helpless. Note that if a player dies, they will lose all their progress, materials and items and have to start over! Be careful in this dangerous world and do what you can to survive. is a game developed by LapaMauve, who also created and
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